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Our Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator  is Siobhan Connolly contact her at 0852347143 or email  sconnolly@stdominicsballyfermot.ie 

St Dominic’s places a high value on the importance of parents and guardians role in enhancing their children’s education. To support this we have a fulltime Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator who works to promote active cooperation between home, school and relevant community agencies in promoting the educational interests of our students.

St Dominic’s College offers the following courses for parents  2017-2018. 

Crafty Creations with Serina              Tuesday           9.30am-11am

Zumba                                                     Wednesdays   9am -10am  in the PE Hall

Craft with Chris                                     Wednesdays   10.30am-12.30pm 

Art with Denise                                      Thursdays         10am -12pm 

Yoga/Meditation with Jane (please check this website and our Facebook page  date and times classes). Our next class is on Friday Oct 13th in the parish pastoral centre from 9am-1pm. Lunch included.

Watch this space for update on the following courses.

Internet Safety   date to be confirmed

Cookery for Transition Years and a parent/guardian/grandparent  dates to be confirmed

                             Contact Siobhan on 0852347143 for further information.


Parents Plus Programme –helping you to stay ahead of your teenager!

Each year we offer the  Parents Plus Course to parents/ guardians of our students and students from our local primary schools. This is a practical and positive course which aims to build on parents strengths to help them to solve conflict / behaviour  issues and have a more enjoyable and satisfying relationship with their teenagers. The course runs over 8 two hour sessions If you are interested in participating in the next course please give Siobhan a call at   0852347143 or email sconnolly@stdominicsballyfermot.ie               Our next Parents Plus will take place during Spring 2018. 


Maths Eyes Programme – Students / Parents/ Staff 

A Maths Eyes Project was undertaken by students, parents and staff from the  Dominican Campus Ballyfermot schools featuring real life maths from our Ballyfermot Community. Our aim was to work together to develop our ‘Maths Eyes’. But what did that actually mean?

The idea of ‘Maths Eyes’ began with Dr Terry Maguire from IT Tallaght when she decided to develop a project to build confidence in maths in all members of the community. Everybody uses mathematics in their life, but they don’t usually call it mathematics. These ‘everyday’ mathematical skills often involve the use of complicated mathematical skills and techniques. People often underestimate their mathematical abilities because they often consider the maths they do as ‘common sense’ and the maths they can’t do as ‘mathematics’. By developing ‘Maths Eyes’ everyone can discover the mathematics that surround them and that they use in everyday life.

Each September a lecture from IT Tallaght talks to us about opening our ‘Maths Eyes’ following this we carry out our own  ‘Maths Eyes’ project here in Ballyfermot to develop our confidence in our own abilities around mathematics.

So what  do we do ?  3rd class students from the primary schools and Transition Year students from the secondary schools along with Parents, staff and Home School Liaison Co-ordinators go out into the community – specifically Markievicz Park, the church, the school campus and the shops – to explore whether or not we can find evidence of maths in our community. We use digital cameras to take pictures of the maths that are all around us.  During these visits we take hundreds of pictures. We quickly realise that maths really are everywhere when you open your eyes.  We then  select the best pictures and come up with captions and maths descriptions for each poster.

Then St Dominic’s, St Gabriel’s, St  Raphael’s and St Michael’s schools invite  parents, students, staff, representatives from schools and organisations in our wider Ballyfermot community as well as from national organisations and IT Tallaght to a show case of our ‘Maths Eyes Project’. We then  submit our final posters to the national Maths Eyes competition. We have been the proud winners of the Community Maths Section for three years. 

But or course now that we have opened our maths eyes its really only the beginning. We plan to share our learning experience with other schools in the community and to use our posters as a learning resource with other students within the schools.  Our TY students will work with 1st years to develop their maths eyes and we plan to evaluate the effectiveness of this intervention. In the primary schools the children from the three 3rd Classes will share the successes of this project with their whole school so that all children in all classes can open their maths eyes.  The posters were uploaded on the shared network in the three schools so that they can be used a resource for teaching mental maths on a daily basis.