As part of our Oral Literacy Initiative for 1st years 1 Aquinas were invited to present their research on Women in History to the other 1st years and their teachers.  – Siobhan Lennon 1 Aquinas wrote the following article following the presentation.

Ms. Brennan the school’s literacy link teacher gave each of us a slip of paper with the name of famous woman in History. We then had to research her and prepare a presentation to share with the other 1st years and their teachers.

I received Mary Robinson the first female President of Ireland. Others in my class researched and presented on Mother Theresa who fought for homeless in Calcutta, Emilia Ehart the first lady to fly an aeroplane, Florence Nightingale the woman who made radius and Catherine of Sienna, a Dominican Saint, who is the Patron Saint of Europe, a mystic and a Doctor of the Church

Student Evaluation: We enjoyed the presentation.   We used our IT skills.  We improved our research skills.

We developed our presentation skills. We learned a lot about women in history.  We had the opportunity to share our knowledge gained with others.

1st Year Oral Literacy Women in History 2 1st Year Oral Literacy Women in History 3 1st year Oral Literacy Women in History