We were happy to invite Sr. Liz Smyth OP our Deputy Principal, who is on  Career Break to fulfil her role as a  member of her Congregation Council to facilitate our 6th Year student leadership workshop.

Sr. Liz and the team reflected on the importance of student leadership. What is expected of the student leaders? What the student leaders expect of school management? How can students ensure that our school is a happy, safe teaching and learning community where students and staff have a sense of being valued and included in the policies and management of the school. 

All agreed that the an important role for the student leadership team was to ensure that all students and staff had a happy and safe teaching and learning environment in partnership with students, staff, school management and parents/guardians. 

Student Leadership Team 2017-2018                                                  Head Girl: Nikita Nolan       Deputy Head Girl: Leah Ellis                          Head Mentor: Chloe Powell   Head Prefect:Taylor Murray                 6th Year Prefects: Alicia Butterly, Danyt Teib, Ava Duffy,                  Holly Monaghan , Niamh Lennon