‘Amazing Brains’ in St Dominic’s!!! 

26th November was another amazing day in St Dominic’s when 3rd and 6th Year students engaged in an inspiring, interactive programme to enhance their grades in exams. Mary Daly principal stated that ‘We in St Dominic’s believe that all young people need to understand the importance of developing their self-confidence, assertiveness and effective communication, taking initiative and showing  leadership when they progress to University, College and ultimately the work place.’ 

Amazing Brains Work Shop 

Our 3rd Year students participated in a ‘Drive for Results’ Workshop which afforded them the opportunity to practice and develop new key study skills in critical thinking, reciprocal teaching, collaborative learning and revision techniques, apply the Growth Mind-set and understand more importantly that effort and not IQ matters moreThey investigated how the memory works and more importantly, when it comes to remembering information what works best for them. Chloe Powell stated that I know now how to make my study time smarter by using more practical and relevant techniques to study and revision’ 


6th year students participated in ‘5 Steps to Exam Success’ Seminar were the students adopted and practised the skills, competencies and mind-set required for exam success. Students were introduced to a range of multisensory strategies to enable them to make informed decisions about techniques that are right for them. They also explored how their state of physical and mental health is crucial to optimising exam success. Leanne Cuffe Head Girl stated ‘The workshop has helped me to be more focussed and motivated, I now realise that I must work really hard every day in preparation for the Leaving Cert’ 


Sr Liz Deputy Principal stated that ‘the workshops were highly motivational and focused on exam success and inspired our students to prepare psychologically for the exams and adopt a winning mind-set’