Congratulations to our students  who  received awards during our end of Year Assembly. Awards were presented under the following categories

Attendance  those students who missed Zero or up to Two days during the school Year.

Punctuality was awarded to students who had Zero or up to 5 lates throughout the school year.

Consistency these students have continued throughout the year to be committed to their studies and school life

Most Co-operative Students these students are young people who are committed to ensuring that there is a  positive environment of Teaching  and learning within the classroom by their co-operation with their peers and staff.

 Team Work these were awarded to students who demonstrated that they had the ability to work with others on tasks within the classroom and during extra curricular activities.

Tutor Awards Each class teacher choose a number of students, who through their behavior and positive attitude had  contributed to promoting a positive  teaching and learning environment within their class group.

Student of the Year  One student from each class was awarded this award for her outstanding commitment to prompting a positive teaching and learning environment through her commitment to her academic class work and her overall positive attitude both within and outside the classroom.

Certificates of participation were presented to students for their contribution on one or more of the following committees with staff / parents and local community members. Theme of the Month / Healthy Promoting Schools / Green schools / Healthy Living / JCSP/ Literacy and Numeracy / TY Committee / Careers Guidance Committee LCA Committee/ Student Council / Sports Day Committee / PRO

TEAM OF THE YEAR Was awarded to the 3rd Year Basketball Team , members of the Tag rugby also received medals for their commitment and dedication throughout the year.

SPORTS DAY TEAM (Class )Winners were 3 Ciarrai and 6 Dominic.

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