In 2009,  St Dominic’s was one of two schools in Ireland to receive the Yellow Flag status in recognition of our commitment to developing modern models of best practice to support genuinely inclusive education.

In 2012/13 an external intercultural review was carried out, and we were delighted  that we have fulfilled the criteria to renew our Yellow Flag status and we continue to fly our Yellow Flag with pride in our school campus.

This week we have had a week of Intercultural Celebrations and workshops and the raising of our Yellow Flag. Many of our workshops were facilitated by our International Students and Staff  who shared with us different aspects of their cultures and religions.

We also invited speakers from different organisations  such as Sport Against Racism, members of the Japanese Community who facilitated  Origami Workshops, our SCP staff offered workshops on LBGT and Asylum seekers who shared experiences of why they fled their own country and their not so nice experiences in our country.

We concluded our Intercultural Awareness Week with a celebration of “Different Foods”  from the home countries of our international students and staff.

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