Celebrating World Mental Health Awareness Day

 “Lets Speak Out and Break the Stigma” – Together we can end the Stigma so that “IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK” and ABSOULATELY OK TO ASK FOR HELP

Promoting mental health is a core component to the holistic approach to teaching in St. Dominic’s Ballyfermot.

On World Mental Health awareness Day (10th October) we just made the extra effort for students to be aware that they can become in control of their moods and to encourage students to implement daily “Actions of Happiness” to promote positivity around our school.  According to Cheryl Keeler Career Guidance Teacher.

The Positivity was truly felt by all by implementing some easy “Actions of Happiness” .

According to 5th Year Erin Dempsey   Mental Health Awareness is not just during a special week in the year  She stated   “ Mental Health awareness is not   just  ‘a week’ here in St. Dominic’s but something that is promoted day in day out”  by all staff.

During World Mental Health Day, there was an extra special effort put on promoting positive mental health for staff and students. This was co-ordinator by Ms Keeler and Aisling Mc Kee (SNA and Healthy Mental Health schools Promoter) with the help of Positive Mental Health Ambassadors from TY and 5th Year.  The following Actions were carried out throughout the day.

Action 1 : Positive self talk – Each student and staff received an inspirational thought/quote to start their Friday morning off with a smile. Some messages included “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day” and“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”Students loved this and it definitely got the day off on a high.

Action 2: Spread the importance of “Appreciating your mind” – Erin Dempsey addressed the school as to why it is important to ‘appreciate your mind’ and encourage students to continue to break the stigma.

Action 3 : Take the pledge . Taking a pledge of Happiness – Students boost their moods by pledging to think/do/act a certain way .

Action 4 : “Act of Kindness” As music played at the end of the day students danced their way out smiling and were greeted with a lollipop as they left .

Smiles lifted the air and positive vibes sailed the corridors !! Our key message to our students is to  “Appreciate your mind” and that “It’s OK not to feel OK and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help”.

Ms. Keeler, Career Guidance.

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