St. Gabriel’s, St. Michael’s, St. Raphael’s and St. Dominic’s present:

Community Awareness of Drugs (CAD)

Free  6 week course for parents and guardians. Learn how to talk to your teenager about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Start Date: Tuesday September 25th

Time: 9.15-11.45am

Venue: Parents Room in St Michael’s school

Who: Parents from the Dominican Campus Schools

Here are comments from participants who completed the course:

“I feel the programme was very informative and it opened my eyes to a lot of things I did not know about”

“I would not change anything about the programme as it tells everybody everything they need to know about this problem”

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sign up for the programme at first then I did and from the very first day I was so happy I made the right decision as I thought from day one it was very interesting and I learned a lot from it”

“I would have liked it to go on a bit longer than 6 weeks”

“Very helpful and opened my eyes to the outside world”

“I really enjoyed participating in the course.  I thought I knew a lot about drugs and alcohol but I realised I had very little knowledge of what drugs are ‘out there’ and the effects they can have.  It is very informative in a relaxed atmosphere where you don’t realise you’re learning.  I am very happy to have done it and would do more of the same”

For more information please contact Fiona on 0852248758, Aisling on 0858120807 or Siobhán on 0852347143.