The Board of Management and leadership team of St. Dominic’s College are committed to maintaining a safe school environment for the staff and students who attend the school.

With that in mind, a dedicated website has been created to be a source of information for the school community. By working through the pages of the site, the school’s Covid-19 response plan and all the specific plans for minimising the risk of Covid-19 transmission in St. Dominic’s College can be viewed.

Click here to access the St. Dominic’s College Covid-19 Response Plan website

Any staff member, parent or student with concerns about Covid-19 in school are encouraged to make contact with the school office on 01-6266493 to discuss your concerns in more detail. As always, cooperation and working in partnership as a school community will be central to the success of our school’s response to the threat of Covid-19. We’re all in this together. 

S. Green 
18th August 2020