Junior Certificate Business Studies

The subject provides pupils with an introduction to business concepts in the home (budgeting, consumer rights, banking, saving, investing and insurance) ; in the workplace (wages, taxation, industrial relations and finance for business ; and at national level (imports/exports and national budgets) The aim is to encourage students’ interest in business and develop a positive attitude towards the subject, and enable them to acquire a knowledge and understanding of commercial activity. Pupils develop their skills in numeracy and accuracy in recording transactions.

Transition year
In Transition Year, students may continue to study the business subjects of acconting and business to allow pupils exposure to the various disciplines that may be needed in the Leaving Certificate programmes. There is an opportunity for pupils who did not sit Business Studies at Junior Certificate to ‘take-up’ the subject, if they envisage opting for Business subjects at Leaving Certificate. This is done in conjunction with the teachers and the Guidance Department.

All transition year students are also given the opportunity to take part in the NFTE programme which encourages students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and run their own business for the year.

Leaving Certificate Business and Accounting
At Leaving Certificate, Business and Accounting are available as choice subjects and both may be chosen. All work is examined in written form for the Leaving Certificate in all three subjects.

Business at Leaving Certificate exposes students to how business operates in both the national and international environment. Students study concepts of management, entrepreneurship, company formation, role of Government,legislation affecting business, E.U. membership, international trade and globalisation. Students attend five classes a week over the two year programme.

Accounting is an essential element of any business and requires a logical mind and an ability to deal with figures – yet the subject is not simply a mathemathical course – Accounting is needed for many third level courses, such as Hotel Management, Engineering, Leisure Management and the Garda Siochana. Once again, pupils attend five classes per week. Students in St. Dominics have done very well in this leaving cert subject over the past number of years and many have gone on to study accounting and finance at third level.


Students should have a look at the following list of websites for help in this subject and to get a better idea of what they might learn in a business studies class.