Mathematics is a core subject for all students throughout their six year cycle in St Dominics Secondary School. Mathematics is a wide-ranging subject that is both practical and theoretical, geared to applications and of intrinsic interest. Maths is a vital subject for understanding the world around us from the natural and constructed world to providing the language and techniques for handling many aspects of everyday and scientific life
Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Mathematics are offered at three levels: Foundation, Ordinary and Higher, with separate syllabuses for each level.

In the past 3 years all of our teachers have been upskilling themselves in the area of maths and implementing the new project maths course which began in 2009.

Click on the following link to learn more about why we study maths:

NCCA Maths Factsheet

Subject content is presented at each syllabus level under the headings:

Strand 1: Stastistics and probability

Strand 2 Geometry and trigonometry

Strand 3: Number

Strand 4: Algebra

The Mathematics department in St. Dominics Secondary School strives to encourage a positive attitude towards Mathematics amongst all students, no matter what their level of ability. Through the development of Mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding it is hoped to engender a lifelong love of Mathematics in each student and an appreciation of its relevance to their everyday lives. By promoting self-confidence in each student and in Mathematics as a subject it is hoped that students achieve success in Mathematics that will add greatly to their personal development and self-esteem.

Teachers use a range of teaching methods to develop students understanding of maths including co-operative learning in and outside of the classroom and using IT facilities.

We have spent a lot of time developing a wide range of concrete materials, games and hands on resources to make maths learning fun, relevant and interesting. Students are encouraged to get involved in competitions, projects and peer learning.

The following websites may be useful to students or parents wanting to learn more.      This is a really important site for students and has a huge amount of helpful material on all areas of the new project maths course.

There are thousands of excellent maths websites that can help students with any topic in maths at any level a quick google search will bring you to a huge range of resources.