Music is a choice subject for both Junior and Leaving Cert students in St. Dominic’s. Students who choose to study music learn about a wide range of musical genres, how to read and write music, different elements of music technology and performance is also a very important component of each course. The practical exam is worth a huge 50% at Leaving Cert level, and 25% for Junior Cert students. 

The new Junior Cycle course for Music was introduced in Sept 2018 and is a very creative and inspiring specification which encourages an appreciation for the arts, and gives students the flexibility to learn about music in its many forms. Students will study about music history, theory, the music industry, use different music technologies and recording equipment, while also developing their performance skills. Junior Cycle students complete two CBAs, a composition portfolio in Second Year, and a Programme Note in Third Year. 





There is also a great tradition of extra curricular activities relating to music in the school. We have a choir who take part in the Diocesan Emmanuel concert every year, where we have been very successful achieving many solos over the years. Guitar, Violins, Voice and Piano lessons also take place in the school. Every year Transition Year students also put up on a variety show of music and dance.

Music is wonderful for encouraging and promoting self-confidence in our students, and is an enjoyable subject to study.