Congratulations to students and staff on becoming ‘A Cycle Against Suicide’ Ambassador School.

Jessica Fallon and Emma Shalloe represented our school with Career Guidance Counsellor Ms Keeler at the awards ceremony in the Department Of Education and Skills, Marlborough Street , Dublin.

Jim Breen and Bob Carley, gave inspirational messages throughout the ceremony , to the students and staff from 30 schools, who were honoured today.

This programme assists  schools  tobecome  actively involved in breaking the stigma around mental health and suicide and promoting the Cycle  Against Suicide  message that ‘it’s OK  not to feel OK and it’s  absolutely OK to ask for help.’

Throughout the school year 2013-14 we fulfilled the following criteria?

• Organised a mental health awareness event in your school e.g. a mental health week / healthy lifestyle week

• Attended the Student Leaders’ Congress

• Engaged in individual, group or class-based project work promoting the Cycle Against Suicide message that ‘it’s OK not to feel OK and  absolutely OK to ask for help’

• Organised a ‘School Spin’ to raise awareness in the local community

• Engaged in one additional initiative based on the identified needs of your school to promote positive mental health e.g. a healthy eating campaign, anti-bullying, Peer mentoring

“Todays, ceremony was a fantastic experience, and I am looking forward to promoting the message of hope within our school” – Jessica Fallon

“It was great, I was delighted that I was chosen to represent our school to accept our reward”. Emma Shalloe

Sr. Liz Deputy Principal says “Positive mental health, is extremely important for our students and staff, as part of our holistic approach to education, we believe that it is important, that our students can speak about feeling low and feel it is ok to ask for help”.

Ms. Keeler Guidance Counsellor says “This campaign actively involves the people that matter -the students- allowing students to stand shoulder to shoulder and break the cycle of suicide in Ireland. This school based programme exposes students to ‘real’ stories and connects with students in a way which I have never seen before. We are proud to carry their message in our community today and are very excited to become even more involved this year”

The CA Suicide Ambassador Schools Programme,  helps us focus on mental issues in a positive and active way whilst uniting and meeting with other schools with the same agenda. It gives students the opportunity to have a purpose and responsibility for one another . It encourages students to  be creative in how to raise awareness and successfully promotes the key message “Its OK not to be OK and absolutely OK to ask for help” which is empowering for the students in the challenging society today.

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