It’s a testament to how far we’ve come as a society – #suicide is no longer something we fearfully brush under the carpet” Joan Freeman CEO Pieta House

Congratulations to our Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians who participated  in  Darkness Into Light 2014 5K  Walk / Run  in aid of Pieta House. Our school involvement was organised by Ms Keeler, our Career Guidance teacher and her 6th Year Classes! as part of our school’s Promoting Positive Mental Health Programme.

The students had received a prize of €400 from UCD for their participation and commitment instead of going out for a celebration meal the students decided to donate it to Pieta House, they then decided to participate in the DIL Walk and get sponsorship. The students also invited management and staff to join them which we were happy to do.

Within one week the 6th years had raised over €1,000 (the final total is unknown at present).

Promoting Positive Mental Health, is a core value of our school, we believe that it is “Everyone’s Concern” and that if we have open discussions and support we will help both staff and students to have a positive attitude which is the base of POSTIVE MENTAL HEALTH!