Hi Mary,
How are you? Deborah Darcy here, where has the time gone? I last saw you at the first reunion when the school was 50!
I just wanted to say that I follow the schools posts on Facebook (even though I have no connection with the school)and I just wanted to say well done to you and all the staff. You have done amazing work in transforming the school into what looks like a great place to attend. I especially love the ‘ I am college aware’ project. It is fantastic that the girls of Ballyfermot and surrounding areas know about the 3rd level opportunities that are available to them and that they can take up these opportunities. This struck a chord with me as I am just finishing my 4th year in NCAD studying for a joint honours degree in Fine Art Sculpture and Education. I returned to college as a mature student when I turned 40 and I haven’t looked back since. I am just finishing up my last Art teacher placement at the moment were I will be a qualified Art teacher.
I would have loved to go to this college when I finished school but I didn’t have the information,the means or the support to do it but I am delighted to say that I have loved every minute of this journey. It hasn’t been easy I have 3 school going children and a home that still had to be looked after but I wouldn’t change any bit of it.
Thanks and well done to your staff on creating the awareness and the ‘expectation’ for these young girls in my hometown.Many thanks.
Deborah Strumble (Darcy)