The first year games club was introduced in September 2017.
The games played are literacy and numeracy based. The club takes place every Tuesday at lunchtime in room 8.
The idea for the club came from talking to first years about activities they would like to do at lunchtime and also a wish to promote literacy and numeracy in the school. When setting up the games club the students were asked what games they would like to play and on their recommendation games such as ‘Don’t Say It’, ‘5 Second Rule’ and ‘Who’s Who’ were bought. 
Here’s what some of the first years who attend the club have to say about it.
“I like the games club because it’s a quiet room where I can relax and play games.” Sarah T
“I like the games club because you can have so much fun.” Macey
“I like the games club because you get to hang out with other people.” Sarah U
” I really like coming to the games club because if you are stressed out it helps and also because it is really enjoyable.” Aimee
“I really like the games club. You get to communicate with new people and learn to play new games.” Grace