Dear Link Teacher,

Today on World Suicide Prevention Day and ahead of the Ambassador School Awards ceremony which take place tomorrow, I wish to thank you sincerely for all your hard work, determination and enthusiasm on your journey of gaining Ambassador School Status for Cycle Against Suicide. It was an honour to work with you during my time with Cycle Against Suicide. Your dedication to applying and achieving all “5 Gears” is a credit to you.
You are sending the message loud and clear that “it’s OK not to feel OK and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help”. You are sending this message not only to your students but to your co workers and school body as a whole. Therefore, this message is reaching the community, wider than you believe. You have demonstrated creativity, collaboration, teamwork and innovation in ways like no other which is truly touching.
Suicide and depression have long been hidden in silence in our society. You have had the courage to tackle this problem, to allow these words to be spoken openly in your school environment which extends to pastures new. You have had a large part to play in reducing the stigma attached to depression and mental health. Your students will bring their experiences into the future, in the times they need encouragement and support, they will remember the little things they have learned because of you and your dedication. I have no doubt that your fellow teachers have also felt the positive impact of your commitment in the promotion of positive mental health and encouraging help seeking behaviour.
Please continue spreading the message, you are making a difference, you are making a vital difference. This difference is changing lives and changing perspectives on mental health.
I hope that the new school year is treating you well and that your year ahead is filled with joy and happiness. I wish you the very best, enjoy your day tomorrow.
Kindest regards,
Nichola Hand