Thirty six years ago, Fr. Fiontan O’Murchu OP along with members of the folk group from St. Mary’s Popes Quay, Cork established a course for young people involved in church music. They realised there was a great need to resource the growing number of “Folk” groups that were emerging across the country and give them access to quality liturgical music as well as giving people an understanding of liturgy.

Over the years the leaders involved have changed and the course has been renamed but the vision remains the same. The voluntary committee, which includes Dominican Brothers, Sisters and Lay People strive to give participants up to date resources so that they can return to their parishes and / or schools better able to promote their vision of church through music and liturgy. 

Our students have actively  participated since 2006, with other participants come from across the island, to learn music from Ireland and across the world, and to have an experience of the many ways they can express their faith through song. From the modern to the traditional Knockadoon seeks to highlight the very best of liturgical music so that participants can return home and choose the ‘right music’ for the ‘rite time’.

During the week-long course participants live as a community and it is this as much as the music they sing and the prayer that make it a great experience.  Each day participants come together  to experience the living church through moments of  Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and the Eucharist. 

As participants this year we want to thank the Dominican Sisters for their financial support.