St Dominic’s College Transition Year students in collaboration with DCC and TU Dublin have designed Ballyfermot’s first ‘Maths Trail’ in our local California hills park. This project aims to provide the people of Ballyfermot with a fun and interactive activity to enable them to do maths in their local community. This allows people to identify the maths present in their local park while also helping them to adopt a positive attitude towards maths as they realise that in fact
they can do maths while also having fun! 
The Trail consists of three sets of questions aimed towards early primary school students, late primary/early secondary school students and late secondary school students. We adopted a digital approach to the design of the Trail through the use of QR codes. In order to access the Trail questions, you scan the relevant QR code from the Maths Eyes post located at various locations within the park on your phone.This eliminates the need to print any documents prior to carrying out the activity.

Click on the links below and follow the instructions to enjoy a fun maths filled activity in the local park. 

Maths Trail Instructions (1)

Questions for each level

Maths Trail Questions 2019

Maths Trail Answers

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station 2

Station 3

Station 4

Station 5

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Station 7

Station 8

Station 9

Station 10