The Dáil 28th May 2014

This year as part of our  Developmental Class during Transition year  with Ms Quigley we had the opportunity to become involved in a Trocaire Campaign. We attended a workshop which explained to us about Global      Warming and the impact that it is having on people in developing countries. We were shocked at how much damage is being done to our planet and how this is really affecting poor people. We realised that it is our duty to do something and that we must pressurise the Government to implement policies to protect the environment.

On Wednesday 28th May we visited the Dáil  with a local TD Derek Keating. During our tour of the Dáil  we  met with our Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny and handed over a petition with over 3000 signatures from the Trocaire Lenten Campaign “Make Every Drop Count”  calling for policy change.

We are really delighted with the opportunity and chance as young people to have our voices heard, we are very proud that we were chosen as the school that would represent thousands of other students.

Let’s hope we can make a difference!

By Chloe Ennis, Danielle Mc Gouran, Lorna Bird, Pauline Collins, Caitlin Nolan, Niamh Menton, Nikita Mc Donnell and Bronagh O’Reilly.