Sr. Liz & 1st Yeas 2013-13

Mol an Oige Induction Programme provides a positive start for 1st Years in St Dominic’s Secondary School

Mol an Oige Induction Programme provides a positive start for 1st Years in St Dominic’s Secondary School

The transition process from Primary to Secondary school can influence not only the academic future of the student but their social development as well.

And that is why in St Dominic’s Secondary School we have developed and implemented the Intensive “Mol an Óige” Induction Programme for 1st Years. This programme is delivered in partnership with school management, teachers, NBSS and SCP staff.

The Mol an Óige programme begins in April / May with a Transfer programme in partnership with the Ballyfermot Youth Service. The new students then have a 2 day orientation within the school prior to the return of the other students, allowing time for the students to become acquainted with the layout of the school, addressing one of the major fears of “getting lost.”

For the first few weeks of their school life in St Dominic’s the students engage in creative, structured and fun classes and workshops, which helps the student become familiar with all aspects of the school. Two main objectives of the Mol an Oige programme are:

Helping students develop a sense of belonging within their new school and Ensuring students are organised and “ready to learn”.

Nicole Fitzgerald formerly from St Ultans PS stated “I learned a lot from Mol an Óige. Without it I would be late for class. I would get lost and I wouldn’t know the teachers as well, or know my way around the school. It has helped me a lot to settle into St Dominic’s. All the staff and students are very kind and you feel very welcome in the school.”

Taylor Murray from St Michael’s PS said – “I have learned to include people, make friends, join in and participate.”

Sr. Liz Deputy Principal and Year Head to the present 1st years states “ the translation of Mol  an Óige, captures  what we are trying to do on a day to day bases in St. Dominic’s  which is to Encourage Youth”. The programme supports the students have a ‘sense of belonging’ and this in turn gives them a sense of security and happiness, it is our belief if a student does not feel secure and happy, it hinders their learning. Therefore, it is apriority that 1st year students are given the necessary skills and supports to have this sense of belonging. The programme continues throughout the year, into 2nd and 3rd year also.

So after a busy, creative and hardworking two weeks induction, the First Year Students are organised and ready to learn and excited about their school journey ahead.