“Mol an Óige” is   An innovative programme designed to make the transition from primary school to secondary school an enjoyable and positive experience for all our students by encouraging a sense of belonging in our caring school community.

The Importance of Our Transition Programme

The beginning of secondary school is a critical time for students. It creates a variety of emotions, behaviours and concerns for both young adolescents and their parents or other caregivers. For many it is considered a major stepping stone on the way to becoming an adult. It can also provide students with an opportunity for a fresh start as they are introduced to the culture and expectations of their new school

Transition to secondary school is marked by several changes in educational expectations and practices. Once students reach secondary school, they interact with many more students, in different classrooms, with more teachers, and often with different expectations for both performance and responsibility.

Our well-designed transition programme maintains the strong sense of belonging that students felt in primary school as they continue their academic journey as part of our new school community.

What students said this year about out two induction days this week  

“The best thing was meeting new friends” – Rachael Wade, Megan Reddington, Leah Corish, Aoife Quirke

“It was fun and I learned a lot about the school. It was interesting and I made a lot of friends” – Temi Sanni

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