As part of our Health Promoting School Team’s action plan the team decided to include having a “Multi-Sensory Relaxation Room” in St Dominic’s as one of our action plan goals.  A multi- sensory room is an environment designed to give users  the opportunity of complete relaxation and access to sensory stimulation.

The room is for people of all ages and abilities. A multi- sensory room provides stimulation of the human senses, promotes intellectual  activity and provides a space of escapism, control and choice for users. This is of huge benefit in the area of positive mental health and wellbeing. The Health Promoting Schools team consisting of students, parents and staff met on numerous occasions sharing idea’s and suggestions and coming up with a plan for how we as a team would like our multisensory relaxation room to be. We then put together a list of materials needed and a list of tasks that needed to be carried out prior to beginning our refurbishment and split them among the team. Refurbishment of the room began on a very sunny Monday 22nd of June at 10am with the troop of parents, students and staff arriving full of enthusiasm, excitement and energy for the project ahead.

St Dominic’s  operation room transformation dedicated, hardworking and committed student members were Aoife Hughes, Shauna Miller, Aoife Murray, Brogan Horan, Nicole Smith, Aoife Quirke, Erin Dempsey, Niamh Swaine, Adrienne Miller, Erica Whelan and Aimee Jones.

The Refurbishment of the room was assisted and supported throughout the week by parent’s and school staff whom we are really grateful for and appreciate all that each of you did. The Multi- Sensory Room refurbishment was a real team effort between students, staff and parents. The team worked hard, had great fun doing so and now can be proud of our Multi- Sensory room which is the result of their hard work, creativity, teamwork, commitment and dedication.

The refurbishment lasted seven days, memories were made, relationships strengthened and now our school community can enjoy the benefits of a Multi- Sensory Relaxation Room in St Dominic’s.

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