Our  5th Year students will return in September with great excitement and anticipation as we have has been selected as one of two schools in Dublin to receive funding from DPS Engineering & Construction Limited This funding will support our students complete their Leaving Certificate and improve their chances of progressing to 3rd Level colleges.

Our Principal Mary Daly stated ‘that the school community really appreciates the commitment of DPS  to our school in the coming years. We have already  had many meetings to establish plans for implementation of strategies to improve the learning outcomes and progression to Colleges for the students’.

Staff member Deborah Quigley will coordinate the programme and the school has already established a committee to assist with the planning, implementation and monitoring of their strategies.

An intensive induction programme has been planned for the students on their return to school in September. Throughout the year, there will be great collaboration between the school, DPS, 3rd Level Access Departments, all relevant agencies and business groups.

The students will receive mentoring supports from the staff of DPS, they will have many site visits, periods of work experience, visits to 3rd level Colleges, plus many in school initiatives to increase the number of students studying Higher Level subjects and ultimately progressing to 3rd  Level Education.