My time at St. Dominic’s Secondary School was an experience I will never forget. Back home in the United States, Mississippi, I observed many classes and schools, but I never had the chance to visit a single-sex school. In the States, you do not see many schools where the students are either all male or female, and, after teaching and observing in St. Dominic’s, Ballyfermot for approximately 4 months, I believe the research that shows how girls perform better in a single-sex school is true.

My personal testimony for St. Dominic’s is completely positive. Both the students and staff quickly accepted me, and I feel that I have truly become a part of the school teaching and learning community.

Acceptance and openness to differences are qualities that this school certainly possesses. I am happy and forever grateful to have spent so much time getting to know all the students,  staff, and administration staff  at St. Dominic’s. I have made memories here that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to all who have made this possible.

Kristen Peters, Mississippi  USA

K Peters