Shaping our students future with the help and support of International Businesses

We are happy to announce that we now have significant partnerships with Marks & Spencers / Allianz Worldwide Care and Grant Thornton.

These companies offer expert advice to our students by providing motivation / communication / presentations skills workshops. One to one mentoring programmes/ interview techniques and one to one language support programmes with native speakers in French and Spanish.

They also offer work placements and internships for our students which have led to gainful employment in the past. 

Lap Tops will be presented one student from each of our Leaving Certificate Programmes.  Thanks to Diageo, Grant Thornton and Park West Business Park.   

Morgan Stanley World of Banking

Two 5th Year students Nadine Maher and Melissa Mc Coy had the unique opportunity to experience the world of banking with the world-renowned Morgan Stanley Bank in London during the month of May.