Our School’s Anti Bullying Policy –  Parents Booklet bullying prevention2013 was developed from  a whole school, it is pro-active and a constantly evolving policy within the framework of our overall school code of behaviour. During this review we involved students, staff, parents/guardian’s  and wider community.

Our policy includes a
  • a clear definition of bullying and the forms it takes
  • a statement that bullying is unacceptable behaviour and that it will not be tolerated.
  • that students should support each other by reporting all instances of bullying.
  • that all reports of bullying will be investigated and be dealt with sympathetically.
  • A clear statement on how the school will handle an alleged case of bullying.

Reporting alleged bullying behaviour is not the same as “ratting” – students and others are encouraged to ALWAYS report any type of Bullying Behaviour to a member of staff.