Code of Behaviour 2014 of St. Dominic’s Secondary School, Ballyfermot, has been developed, as required by the Education (Welfare) Act, 2000, section 23, in accordance with the National Education Welfare Board’s (NEWB) 2008 document “Developing a Code of Behaviour:  Guidelines for Schools”.

It was drawn up in consultation with the Board of Management, staff, parents and students of St. Dominic’s Secondary School, Ballyfermot. It applies to all students in the school, to their parents and to all members of the school staff and management.

The Code of Behaviour helps the school community to promote the school ethos, relationships, policies, procedures and practices that encourage positive behaviour and prevent unacceptable behaviour. The Code of Behaviour helps to foster an orderly, harmonious school where high standards of behaviour are expected and supported.

The aim of the Code of Behaviour is to ensure that St. Dominic’s is a safe and secure place of Teaching and Learning.