We have the following Pastoral Care support system in place to support your daughter.

Class Tutor The Class Tutor takes a special interest in each of the students in her / his tutor class. She / he supports them in their personal, academic and social development.

Year Head Students also have a Year Head who is responsible for a whole year group. She / He supports students in their social, academic and personal development and will often be the liaison between parents and school management.

Care Team Meets regularly to discuss issues of concern for students and to develop a support plan that will enable them to remain in school to complete their second level education. The care team consists of school management, the HSCL Teacher, Career Guidance, SCP Team, NBSS and Learning Support.

School Completion Programme (SCP) was set up as part of Department of Education and Skills (DES) with the DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) Strategy aims to increase the numbers of young people staying in primary and second level schools and in doing so improve the numbers of students who successfully complete the Senior Cycle, or the equivalent.

Career Guidance Our Career Guidance Counsellor is available to support students in their academic and personal choices in life.

Home School Community Liaison Teacher We place a high value on the importance of parent’s and guardian’s role in enhancing their children’s education. To support this we have a full time Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator who works to promote active co-operation between home, school and relevant community agencies in promoting the educational interests of our students.

Family Therapy Centre We have an on-site Family Therapy Centre with Part Time qualified therapists to support our students.

National Behavioural Support Service (NBSS) provides support and expertise to partner post primary schools on issues related to behaviour. We in St. Dominic’s are happy to have this service within our school community to support and encourage students to behave responsibly, to ensure that there is a happy and safe teaching and learning environment for all.

Our Proactive Response to Preventing Bullying We in St. Dominic’s believe that every Student / Staff member has a right to feel safe and protected. We invite parents / guardians / students to tell us about any bullying concerns they may have, so that we can begin the process of supporting those who need our help in stopping bullying from continuing. It is always the right option to inform a trusted adult if bullying is taking place.

Stand-Up Bullying Report Tool We have the ISPCC STAND UP ANTI BULLYING TOOL on our school website. (www.stdominicsballyfermot.ie) as another proactive response to preventing bullying within our school. Our online reporting tool allows for concerned individuals to report bullying instances via an online document. This report will be sent to an anti-bullying coordinator within our school and will be responded to in line with our antibullying policy.

Vsware  Each parent/guardian receive a unique user name and password which allows them to access their daughter (s) timetable, attendance, academic  and behaviour reports through our cloud based system from any electronic device.

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