There are currently 2 Resource teachers in St. Dominics; Miss Mullen and Miss Connolly. Every year  a group of 10-15 students wiil start in school needing extra help and support. These students will have been assessed ashaving  Special Educational Needs.

Many of these students will have an exemption in Irish and receive resource teaching  instead of attending Irish classes.  Other students find a modern language too difficult so they will receive extra help with a resource teacher at that time.  The extra help will usually be in the areas of literacy and numeracy. Small classes and individual help is organised.

Individual Education Plans  are put in place to help students with special needs .The  Learning Support  Department work closely with School Completion and The N.B.S.S  staff  to implement  these plans and keep students on track.

Our Special Needs Assistants are  a huge support to individuals and groups of students to help those with care needs and provide assistance to students in the classroom. They encourage the girls to keep on task, by working closely with them  and provide a sympathetic ear when times are tough.

Exams are a stressful time forstudents . It’s vital that those pupils with special Needs get access to Reasonable   Accomodations  in exams.  This may involve a separate centre or reader for individual students.  We identify students who are entitled to this  and apply to the department on their behalf.

All Mainstream Teachers are made aware at the start of the year which students have Special Educational Needs and can liaise with us if they need  advice or extra information. Psychological reports are treated as confidential and stored safely. Parents are welcome to make an appointment to meet with us and discuss any worries or concerns they have.

Finally I would have to say our students are fully integrated into mainstream classes andmany  become confident, capable students by the time they leave in sixth year.