Our Transition Year Students have participated with Schools Across Borders (SAB) for a number of years as part of our TY Religion Programme under the guidance of Mr O’ Brien.

The aim of SAB is to work within the post-primary education sector and with civil society and educational partners in Ireland and in other countries in order to demonstrate that Development Education/Education for Global Citizenship/Education for Social Justice has an integral and universal relevance and role in school curricula and programmes, across all borders.

By promoting critical awareness and understanding of global injustice and inequality issues that include the diverse experiences, feelings and perspectives of young people, our shared programmes seek to empower young people to act collectively for effective change.

Awareness Day 2nd May 2014 Equality for Palestine (Student Reflection)

As part of our SAB Awareness Day our class 4 Blascoad, put up posters that we had designed as part of our campaign. Members of the class put on masks and  walked around  to encourage other students to look and reflect on the posters. This action  did encourage students and staff to ask questions and we informed them about our project.
We also  to presented our project findings to 1st and 2nd year students. Ben and Fatin were also present.  During our presentation we spoke about the settlements, the separation wall, the cutting down of olive tress, refugees and the Gaza Strip. We showed our video about children’s rights and then showed a small drama on two true stories.
the students were invited to participate  in a quiz as part of our evaluation to ensure that they had understood, what we had shared with them as part of our “Peer Teaching workshop on Palestine and Israel   Following our presentations  students were invited to write on the “message wall” .which we will bring with us to the National gathering of SAB in the Red Cow Hotel.
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