Our Principal Mary Daly, recently represented Ireland as a school leader at the European Agency ‘Raising Achievement for All Learners’ (2014 -2016) meeting in Athens. Across Europe, raising the achievement of all learners is seen not just as a policy initiative but also as an ethical imperative. Schools must build on their capacity to develop ways of learning suited to the diversity of today’s classrooms and move from the ‘why’ to the ‘how’ of inclusive education.

Mary states that ‘This three year programme of work will target decision makers at school, local and national levels and will investigate the following key questions:

  • What pedagogical strategies/teaching approaches (processes) best support learning and are effective in raising the achievement (academic and social) of all learners?
  • How can ICT be used to support ‘inclusive pedagogy’ and raise the achievement of all learners?
  • How can school leaders best support the development, implementation and monitoring of inputs and processes for raising achievement; the participation of learners, parents/carers in the learning process; and the measurement of all forms of achievement and analysis of outcomes to inform further development?

 As a result of the meeting, 3 learning sites will be selected across Europe and Mary states ‘that she looks forward to further visits and seminars where she can share and also learn from the teaching and learning experiences and t integration of ICT in this European schools project.