Student leadership is a very important aspect of our school life it takes many names and forms e.g.  student voice, student participation, student decision-making, and student empowerment, among others. The  aim of our leadership programme is to  promote and support students as leaders, it does not hold a single definition of leadership. Instead, our programme encourages our students and staff to look at leadership in context and to find value in different attitudes and definitions of  leadership within the school. 

Experience has  shown us  that a broader, more flexible vision of leadership can play to different strengths, improving the likelihood that students  will engage in the school and in their communities in meaningful and authentic ways. For young people, the more possibilities that seem open to them, the better their chances of finding an appropriate leadership style of their own.

While our programme  focuses on students as leaders in the day-to-day running of our school, it is ultimately about creating lasting  leadership development that will help our teaching and learning community and will  create leaders for the future. 

It is very encouraging to see our students commit to their leadership training programme that takes place once a month on Saturday morning with Sr. Liz Smyth OP.