Summary of Survey Results from Students who transferred to our school during the academic year 2014-15 from other Post Primary Schools. (All original signed copies are on file )

Number of students who transferred from other Post Primary Schools:  22

  1. Do you feel that your daughter has settled into our school? 100% respondents stated Yes                                          Reasons for Answer: Supported by students and staff / seems happier has made new friends / better grades / made feel very welcome by staff and students.

2. Do you feel that she is learning in all classes? 100% believed that their daughter was learning in all classes – some stated that their daughter “found some classes difficult” but that they have received the support and that difficulties are explained.

3. Is your daughter happy in her class? 100% respondents stated Yes.

4. Do you have any concerns regarding her class? 100% respondents stated No

5. Do you think that St. Dominic’s creates positive Mental Health Environment? 100% respondents stated Yes

 6. Do you feel that the school provides strategies to prevent Bullying? 100% respondents stated Yes

 7. Would you recommend our school to other? 100% respondents stated Yes

 REASONS: Very welcoming / High academic standard / Positive Pupil – Staff relationships / Principal & DP approachable and helpful/  St. Dominic’s brings out the best in all students / Supportive and encouragements  given / Students are listened to and understood / no bullying

8. Any suggestions on how we can improve St. Dominic’s? 100% respondents stated No

9. What career does your daughter wish to pursue? Barrister / Primary School Teacher / Social Care / SNA / Medical Profession