A number of our TY students accompanied  by Ms Collins (Gaeilge and Leisure Teacher) are participating in a ten day Youth Exchange in Finland.




Throughout the day the students participate in  workshops  discussing each countries etiquette and norms.   The evenings   activities  are varied and include  kayaking, “sharing time around bonfires”, Macedonian dancing.



Jade (TY Student)  and Luke (BYS)  took part in a flash mob in Kerava where they pretended to be at a restaurant.  They reversed roles as the group were observing social norms and reactions to those out of the norm.

IMG-20150604-WA0007 IMG-20150604-WA0006 IMG-20150604-WA0005


These pictures show the Stunning sunsets of the locality. There is only  3 hours darkness at night! in Finland