The Meaning of the Dominican Crest:

The single word Veritas written below the crest epitomises the aim of our Schools and Colleges – the pursuit of Truth in all its forms.

The star at the centre of the world in the crest is rich in symbolism for Dominican students. Christian art has always seen the star as a sign of divine guidance or favour and St. Dominic is frequently represented with a star on his forehead. The star lighting the darkness of the heavens at night as the Magi pursued their search for Christ (Matt 2: 1 –12) encapsulates the Christian journey undertaken in faith and hope.

The centrality of the Cross on the crest, together with the symbolism of the white and black, provide a focus and an inspiration for the Christian student. White, traditionally associated with the Risen Christ, penetrates the darkness of ignorance and sin. In mediaeval times, however, black and white together symbolised humility and purity of life – hence the tradition of black and white for Dominicans.