Our school was awarded a Yellow Flag for social inclusion in 2009, following an evaluation during 2013; we were awarded the Flag until 2015, when we will be revaluated again as a school of social Inclusion

To retain our school flag, we must have a Diversity Committee, which includes School management, Staff, Students, Parents and Members of the local Community.

I am a member of the committee and at our last meeting we planned a Celebration of Diversity which is going to take place from Tuesday 6th May to Friday 9th May.

Some of the activities that we plan to include are an afternoon of traditional foods from different countries, guest speakers; show videos, students will share traditional dance, and music from their native countries. We will also have the opportunity to share about writers and poets from our countries with the other students.

We agreed to set up a school e.mail so that we and others can share resources about diversity and inclusion – The e.mail is diversity@stdominicsballyfermot.ie

By Katie Grasu  3 Niamh