As part of our Positive Mental Health Programme students from 4th / 5th and 6th year were invited to participate in Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland seminars – During the the talks Allen and Tony explained clearly their Four Steps Programme and provide the students with packs and information to help themselves and their friends in the event that they “feel life is not worth living”

The Four Steps to Help Programme focused on providing a mantra for youth suicide prevention, four simple steps that will allow any of us to:

  • become more aware of our friends, peers and those around us everyday
  • recognise the warning signs of suicidal and pre-suicidal behaviours
  • ask the right questions at the right time
  • know when to seek help for ourself or others  

We all need to know and understand that there is always someone that we can turn to in our life and talk about the issues facing us without fear of rejection if we are prepared to take the first step. 

What is much more challenging is being prepared to take that first step for someone else; to face possible rejection or ridicule by being prepared to use the Four Step Programme to potentially save a life.

“The talk were very good, I feel that I got information that i can use” Chloe Mc Garry

“The presentations were excellent –  they were straight forward and in language that the students could understand”

Mr O’Brien

Should you require further information check out their website: www.YSPI-eu  for some excellent resources.

freetext-crisis-assistance-banner-medEmergency Contact Numbers

The Samaritans
1 Life
ISPCC Childline

Teen-Line Ireland

116 123 or 1850 60 90 90
1800 247 100
1890 30 33 02
1800 66 66 66
1800 83 36 34